How Do I Know That My Car is Being Valued Correctly?

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So you’ve decided you want to sell your car, great!

If you haven’t read through The Ultimate Car Valuation Guide yet, you’d better take a look. This will help you get your head around the valuation process.

But we thought we’d take a deeper dive into valuation, and find out how you can know if your car is being valued correctly.

Look, we can’t stress enough how important it is to get an expert to complete the valuation of your car – that’s us by the way!

But if a free evaluation at a location most convenient to you is still not enough to sway you, we can still help you learn ways to make sure your car is being valued correctly.

Read on to find out!

First impressions first

Of course, if you want your car to be valued correctly, you want to make sure it’s in the best possible condition it can be in before anyone takes a look.

Make sure your car is up to date with servicing and that any scratches or damage is repaired and any mechanical issues or fixed.

Although certain issues may seem minor, they can lower your car’s market value significantly and extend the length of sale.

How does your car compare?

If you’re sceptical whether your car is being valued correctly or not, it’s best to research your car, looking at it from a buyer’s perspective.

Are there many similar makes or models for sale? How does your car compare?

Does your car have less kilometres than most in your category?

Is it a highly regarded brand? Is it a notoriously fuel efficient vehicle?

If you’ve modified your car, be sure to look for cars with similar modifications and gauge sentiment within the market.

Your modifications may affect your car’s market value, so figure out whether they are adding value or diminishing it, and consider this in your assessment.

Keep in mind that some cars depreciate faster than others and that sometimes the vehicle market suffers, so sometimes your car may be valued less than you expected for reasons beyond your control.

If you want a trusted company who can help you get a fair price for your vehicle, contact us for a quote today.

Online valuation

There are a few options for online valuation, but the ease of access and convenience of these tools has come at the cost of accuracy in some cases.

At CarBuyers, we have a thorough online valuation form you can fill in to get a quick valuation of your vehicle, however, we will notify you if an in-person valuation is required due to the type of vehicle you have or the state of the market.

The reason we do this is because unlike other free online valuation sites, we want to provide you with a thorough and useful valuation.

Another way to ascertain a correct valuation from online tools is to use multiple and compare them. Just keep in mind, a tool that asks for more detail about make, model, kilometres etc. is going to give you a better valuation than a tool that has less information.

You can use free valuation tools to get a vague idea of the value of your car, but to ensure your car is being valued correctly, we recommend an in person appraisal by an expert. Luckily we know just the people for the job!

Get the correct valuation for your car

Get the best price and peace of mind when you use CarBuyers for your valuation. Contact us today to have a valuation expert come to you anywhere in Australia.


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