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People rarely have to sell their cars, and so it’s only natural that you may not know the best way to maximise your profit. Furthermore, you might be needing to get rid of the car quickly. When people go through divorces, need to pay creditors or are moving interstate/overseas, they need to be able to sell their car and fast. 

However, this can be an overwhelming process for the uninitiated, especially when the circumstances, whether exciting or unfortunate, require quick sell. 

Car Buyers makes selling your car quick and easy, with no fuss and in a manner that allows you to get on with your day. 

Here is why selling your car to Car Buyers is your quickest option.

We come to you

Selling your car privately can be a real hassle. First, there are dealerships, and we don’t even have to get into how some of the characters you find working there rip off both buyers and sellers. They are renowned for picking out every little problem they can in order to shaft you on their buying price, and despite it being a quick option, often ends up being an unpleasant experience. 

The same goes for backyard car experts. You could try selling it yourself on a car sales or classifieds website, but this is never a quick and easy option. Private buyers often mess the seller around, as well as attempt their own ill-informed haggling that just ends up frustrating the seller. 

Car Buyers, on the other hand, is a no-nonsense car buying service that comes directly to our clients. If you are looking to quickly sell your old vehicle and get a great price for it – Car Buyers is exactly who you have been looking for.

It’s because we make the selling process simple. All you have to do is contact our team detailing your vehicle and we will call you to discuss the car. We will be able to provide you with a quick quote on how much we will be able to offer before arranging a brief inspection at the time and location of your choice.

This is perfect for private sellers who are time-short and want to quickly sell their car. As this is our profession, we guarantee we will be at your chosen location at that time, ready to evaluate your car and provide you with an offer. 

We provide on-the-spot payments

If you decide you are happy with the offer our buyer provides, they will pay you on the spot – no problems. We don’t think that selling your car should have to contain so many problems, and we know that if you want to get rid of it quickly you will also want the peace of mind that the money is coming directly into your account.

We will then arrange vehicle pickup once again at a time and location of your choice, making this the quickest and easiest way to sell your vehicle.


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