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Introducing Instant Cash Offer from Gumtree Cars!

Available for cars from 2010 onwards and under 180,000kms

Gumtree Cars is Australia’s is one of Australia’s favourite marketplace for used cars. CarBuyers is an online operator that has pioneered a simplified 3-step process for valuing and purchasing vehicles.

We’re excited to be partnering with CarBuyers to bring you Gumtree Cars Instant Cash Offer.

Instant Cash Offer provides you with an instant cash offer on your car, and cuts out the stress and hassle of marketing your car yourself, or going through a dealer.

The easiest, fastest, and safest way to sell your car!

Get a quick offer

Fill out the form with your details and we’ll provide an estimate price.

Host an inspection

Our expert buyer will visit your location, assess the vehicle in just 15 minutes, allowing you to continue your day with minimal disruption.

Get paid instantly

After inspecting the vehicle, we’ll make you an offer. If you’re satisfied, we’ll transfer payment to your chosen bank account.

We pick up your vehicle

Once the funds clear in your account, we’ll coordinate another pickup at your preferred time and location.

We'll take care of the paperwork and make a risk-free payment directly to your bank account!

Immediate Payment

Payment made directly into your
bank account

On site vehicle inspections

We come to you at home or work

Open 7 Days in 7 states

Sell your car any day, anywhere in

Smooth sales process

Free vehicle pickup and transfer of
ownership on your behalf

Best price guarantee

Shop around and get the best deal
with us

Customer satisfaction

Highly recommended by our customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Home FAQ

Can I still drive my car once it’s been valued?

Yes, you can! The valuation certificate and agreed price provided by CarBuyers will remain valid for a few weeks provided there are no major changes to the condition of the vehicle. This means that we can arrange the best time and location for vehicle pick up with you at valuation and you can drive your car in the meantime.

What if I am still financing my car?

CarBuyers can still purchase your car from you, even if you’re still paying a third party. Your finance provider will need to provide a letter to declare the balance owing on the vehicle. After coming to an agreed price, we will settle the outstanding amount with your finance company and pay the remaining total directly to you. If however, the amount owing to your finance provider is more than the value of your car, we might be able to help you with refinance.

Do I have to accept the valuation given by CarBuyers?

Of course not! There’s no obligation to accept the offer and you don’t need to pay for the valuation. There are no strings here and there’s certainly no pressure, so if you’re not 100% happy with the offer, we encourage you to walk away.

Are there any cars you won’t buy?

While we do buy a lot of cars in varying makes and conditions, we cannot buy commit to buying each and every vehicle we inspect. We cannot purchase cars that are in poor condition or have a history of accidents, just as we cannot purchase cars that have been stolen or written off. That said, if your vehicle was manufactured after 2002 and has less than 180,000 kms on the odometre then consider it sold! If you’re still unsure then feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly consultants for more information.

What if I need a valuation for a company car or fleet?

That’s too easy! We deal with valuations of all kinds, from corporate to government, small business to national brands, if you need an overall quote or estimates for particular vehicles just let us know!

How long until I receive payment for my car?

Not long at all! We transfer funds to you on the very same day that we come to an agreed price! And because we’re a trusted and transparent buyer, we will only come and collect the car once the funds have shown up in your account. Simple!

Do you purchase cars from everywhere in Australia?

CarBuyers operates Australia-wide, because everyone deserves a fair price! From Melbourne to Brisbane, Sydney to Perth, Adelaide to Gold Coast and almost everywhere in between!

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