What Is The Best Time To Sell A Car In Australia?

Selling a car is a significant decision that requires careful planning and timing. In Australia, the automotive market is dynamic and influenced by various factors. In addition to the condition and upkeep of your car,  choosing the right time to sell can make a substantial difference in the profit and time your vehicle spends on the market. 

In this blog post, we will guide you through determining the best time to sell your car in Australia, taking into account market trends and other important factors to ensure maximum returns.

Understanding Market Trends

Before putting your car up for sale, it’s crucial to understand how market demand fluctuates and its impact on selling prices. Market trends vary widely based on factors like consumer preferences, economic conditions, and global events. Monitoring these can help you decide the best time to sell your car and at what price.

Seasonal Influence

Seasons are essential in determining the best time to sell a car in Australia.

Let’s break it down:

  1. Summer: During the summer, convertibles and sports cars are in high demand. If you own one of these, summer could be the perfect time to sell.
  2. Winter: In contrast, four-wheel drives and SUVs are more popular during winter due to their ability to handle adverse weather conditions and rugged terrain. 
  3. End of Financial Year: The end of the financial year (June) is another peak period for car sales in Australia. Dealerships often offer significant discounts to clear their stock, which can also increase the demand for second-hand cars.
  4. Christmas Period: The weeks leading up to Christmas can also be an excellent time to sell, as people often look to buy cars as gifts.

 By aligning your selling timeline with seasonal trends, you can capitalise on higher demand and secure a better price for your vehicle.

Economic Factors

The state of the economy also impacts car sales. Factors such as interest rates, consumer confidence, and unemployment rates can influence people’s purchasing decisions. During times of economic uncertainty, buyers may be more hesitant to invest in big-ticket items like cars, leading to a slowdown in sales. 

Monitoring economic indicators and adjusting your selling strategy can help you navigate market fluctuations and optimise your selling price.

High Demand Vehicles

Certain car types and models enjoy year-round popularity in Australia, driving higher demand and faster sales. For instance, compact SUVs and hybrid vehicles have gained traction recently due to their fuel efficiency and versatility. Stay up-to-date on current trends and forecasts to identify which vehicles are in high demand and leverage this knowledge to decide the best time to sell your car.

Model Release Cycles

Another factor to consider is the release cycle of new models. When a new model is released, the value of the previous model often decreases. Therefore, if you plan to sell your car, it might be wise to do so before a new model is released.


Determining the best time to sell your car can significantly impact the outcome of your transaction, both in terms of profit and time on the market. By understanding market trends, seasonal influences, economic factors, and high-demand vehicles, you can strategically time your sales for optimal results. Remember to prepare your car meticulously and present it in the best possible light to attract discerning buyers. With this knowledge, you can confidently navigate the Australian automotive market and maximise your asset’s value.Take advantage of the opportunity to capitalise on the right timing and secure the best deal for your car with Car Buyers. We offer a hassle-free car-selling experience and ensure you get the best price for your vehicle. Contact us today to get started!


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