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We provide you with an offer
Complete the submission form and our buyer give you an estimate
Step 2
We come to meet you
We’ll inspect your vehicle at a time and location of your preference.
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Get paid on the spot
Our buyer purchases your truck right there and then!

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Our Amazing Clients

We are Australia’s go-to truck buyer for good reason


Our easy process


Receive a quote

All you have to do is fill out a submission form and one of our experienced buyers will contact you in no time! We will discuss your truck and arrange for an inspection at a time most convenient to you.


Host the inspection

Our buyer will evaluate the caravan at your location. This only takes about 15 minutes.


We pay you then and there

Provided you agree with our offer, we will transfer you the amount then and there.


We collect your truck

Once the money has shown in your account, one of our buyers will arrange collection as well as transferring the truck out of your name.

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Our Difference

Sell your truck with simple paperwork and risk-free transactions

Same-day payment

Payment is made on the spot.

Convenient inspections

We visit you on site.

Open 7 days

Choose a time that suits you

Free truck inspection

Get your truck evaluated at no cost.

Lock in the best price

We promise the best prices on vehicles

Service Excellence

We have paid millions for trucks all over Australia.


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Is it time to sell your truck?

It doesn’t matter where you are at in the buying stage - Car Buyers is your optimal selling option. If you’ve never sold before and are mulling it over, our buying service is a real winner, way better than private selling or dealerships.

Private selling can be time consuming and extremely costly, not to mention the price for advertising. Furthermore, dealer trade ins often contain dodgy buying techniques.

Car Buyers works to achieve happy results for our valued clients. We want to ensure a smooth, positive and stress-free selling solution. Indeed, you could potentially make more from private selling, but it might not be worth the risk when you factor in all other costs. This is why truck owners choose Car Buyers for selling - we work hard to create a good service and a happy price for our valued customers.

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Ever since 2009, Car Buyers has been Australia’s most trusted car buying entity. More than ten years ago we bought our first vehicle, and since then we have paid out millions to our valued clientele.

We are industry pioneers for our smooth, efficient and quickly transactional service. We are proud to offer same-day payments, competitive prices, fast transfers and pick-ups, and on-site vehicle inspections.

As Australian Automotive Sales’ official buying branch, we strive to continue providing our customers with amazing service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive my truck after it’s been valued?

Yes, you absolutely can! Provided there are no major changes to the condition of the vehicle, the valuation certificate and agreed price provided by CarBuyers will remain valid for a few weeks after inspection. This means that we can arrange the best time and location for vehicle pick up with you at valuation and you can drive your truckuntil that time.

Do I have to accept the valuation given by CarBuyers?

No way! Our valuations are obligation and commitment free so there’s no pressure for you to agree with our offer. We’re confident in our best price guarantee but if for any reason you decide you’re not happy with the amount or decide not to sell your vehicle, that’s more than fine!

What if I require valuation for a company vehicle or a fleet?

No worries! We can provide valuations of all kinds, including business and government. If you’re unsure you’re always welcome to get in touch with our friendly team to discuss!

Do I have to wait long to get the money for my truck?

Nope! We transfer funds on the spot once an agreed price is reached, so you should see the funds cleared within 1 – 3 days depending on your bank. Once those funds have appeared in your account, then we’ll make a time with you to collect your truck!

What if my truck is still under finance?

That’s ok! We can still buy your truck if it’s being financed by a third party, we’ll just need a letter from your finance provider to confirm the outstanding balance. Once we’ve agreed on a price for your vehicle, we’ll then settle the balance owing and pay the remaining amount to you. That said, if the amount owing to your lender exceeds the car’s value, we might be able to help you with refinancing.

Are there any specific reasons you wouldn’t buy my truck?

Well, besides you not agreeing to selling, there’s only a few absolute reasons we wouldn’t buy your truck. We won’t buy a truck that is in poor condition or has a recorded history of accidents, and we can’t buy a vehicle that has been stolen of written off. We buy a wide range of trucks and other vehicles so if your truck hasn’t met any of the above criteria and you want to sell, get in touch with us today.

Do you purchase trucks from everywhere in Australia?

Yep! Just about! We operate in every state and can get to most places. We want to bring fair prices to every corner of this country so if you’re not sure if we’ll come to you then just try us!

just CarBuyers, we’re TruckBuyers too!

Selling your truck might seem like an impossible task, or at least, an annoying one, but our extensive experience tells us that’s simply not true! At least, it shouldn’t be.

Forget dealerships and private sales, those processes are often marred by risk and hassle. We save you time and get you the best price in a straightforward and simple process we created by putting ourselves in the shoes of our clientele.

You only need to ask friends or acquaintances who’ve used these methods how stressful they can be. Yet you only need to speak to our customers or read our reviews to see the difference when you sell your truck through CarBuyers.

We’ve been around since 2009, buying everything from cars, to caravans, to trucks and beyond. We’re the procurement area of Australian Automotive Sales, a trusted and reputable brand known for great prices, quality vehicles and excellent customer service.

We have become innovators in our industry by listening to our customers and providing a fast and no-nonsense service. We want to buy vehicles, and you want to sell your truck, it’s a win-win scenario for both parties.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just considering your options or looking to sell your truck tomorrow, whatever the case may be, get in touch today and we’ll be able to help you out.

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